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She Knows on Sirin Music

Sirin Music

is a sub label of the well-known Berlin electronic music label Bar 25 Music, presenting a range of deep tribal sounds,combining electronic elements and organic instrumentation,stemming from folk music inspired by all corners of the globe


BAR 25

The electronic music label was named after the Berlin "Bar25 Club" and quickly became a synonym for unique showcases and playful electronic music.

She Knows at Sa Terza Metari

Sa Terza Metari
Creativity,passion,commitment and mindfullness are the values that move us to build a better future together. 
On the coast of Sardinia, under the eucalyptus forest you will dive into different kind of art installations, surf on different music vibration and get amazed from passionate performers.
They say its therapeutic... 

She Knows & Zeno Mainardi

Zeno Mainardi

You can expect me to be an all-round consultant for your music production and audio engineering needs who will get your project sounding the way you envision it.


She Knows & Napalma, Live Percussions


is a 16 years project that mingle afro-brazilian sounds and percussions, electronic beats, brasses and a senegalese vocalist, it is a groovy explosion conceived with a original formula.

She Knows & Los Cabra Remix- Natural Medicina

Los Cabra

productions, dj & live sets, are made of the right stern to snowball dance floors worldwide and fill them with epic moments!

She Knows & Max van Dusen - Non Sense

Max van Dusen

Born 1990 in Berlin, studied music and musicology, majoring in jazz guitar. Over the last 15 years it has taken him through different genres like jazz, hip-hop, German pop, classical music, electronic music and dance up to film music.

She Knows & Gus What Remix- Natural Medicina


Gus What

“Gus What” is the highly original solo moniker for Gustavo Prates, who has been making his own path in the world of electronic music in Brasil. Throughout his career, he has brought some cool beats and nice vibes of his deep minimalistic music,  always taking on the house sound.

She Knows & Renè Bourgeois Remix - Thalassa

René Bourgeois

Dj- producer- video producer – cinematographer. "Music is like my diary" If our appriciated earth had an orbit and inclination, who would prolong our day, René Bourgeois would be one of the first, who would use this additional time usefull.

Purple Kaiser feat She Knows - Spreeside (Original Mix)

Purple Kaiser 

Dreaming under a starlit sky, trailing to the west, searching for a sun that never sets. Yearning for a world that rests. living in the everlasting now. Creating music for the for the present moments

in time.

5544She Knows & Sascha Cawa Remix - Passing Hours

Sascha Cawa 

Resident DJ of Kater Blau and an essential part of the Kater community in Berlin. He is the co-founder and one of the main producers of the label Katermukke.

She Knows & Dan Buri Remix- Natural Medicina

Dan Buri

A late night juggernaut responsible for the proliferation of techno in Bangkok, Dan Buri is like the city having its own Berlin resident DJ at its helm.


She Knows & Conzum - Music and Visuals Live


 Mediartist and Lightdesigner.  

He discovers the beauty of immersive Media and

digital Arts.

She Knows & Laura Cuello -  videoclip Natural Medicina

Laura Cuello

Licenciada en Comunicación Audiovisual por la Universitat de València y Técnica Superior de Artes Plásticas y Diseño en Fotografía Artística por la EASD de València. 

She Knows & Benno Blome -  videoclip Distorted Images

Benno Blome

Is a man of many faces. Not only did he found his label Sender in the end of the last century, and influenced a few generations with his dj and music producer activities throughout the '00s and '10s in the field of Electronic Music. He also started to produce video works himself, like music videos for Bar25 Music, for example.

She Knows & Michel Diniz - logo She Knows

Michel Diniz de Carvalho

brasilian artist and grafic designer.

Discover his work at


She Knows & Gabriela Gotschalk - Performer

Gabriela Gottschalk

​  She Knows & Filip Süt Rutkowski  - Performer

Filip Süt Rutkowski

​  She Knows & Dan Timm  - Performer

Dan Timm

​  She Knows & Jalil Romo Como  - Performer

Jalil Romo Corro 


She Knows Premiere Electronic Groove - Natural Medicina

Electronic Groove

Founded with an authentic desire to push the (underground) Electronic Music scene forward away from traditional standards without compromising quality, Electronic Groove holds the modern mold of Dance Music culture up to the fire to evoke thoughtful insight and discussion in all aspects of the genre

She Knows REVIEW IHOUSEU - Natural Medicina


The worlds No.1 Website Dedicated to House Music. You’re on the right track!

The Partae

Based in Melbourne, Australia – The Partae has gained a reputation as being one of the world’s leading music, events, fashion, food & drink destinations.

She Knows at The partae
She Knows INTERVIEW trndmsk - Distorted Images EP


trndmsk (.com/.de/.at)

ist ein deutschsprachiges Online-Magazin für elektronische Musik.


She Knows on fluxfm PODCAST

FluxFM ist Radio aus Berlin.

FluxFM ist anders, ohne intolerant zu sein. Niveauvoll, ohne abgehoben zu sein. Authentisch, bestens vernetzt mit den Musiker*innen und kreativen Macher*innen, mit Herzblut und Spaß betrieben und ganz dicht dran am Leben.

She Knows & Musicboard Berlin - Awards


is the only institution of its kind nationwide, funding pop music in new, creative ways and maintaining a dynamic discourse on pop music in Berlin.



Medienplattform für das kreative Berlin. Mit ALEX TV, ALEX Radio und ALEX Online bieten wir Raum für die innovative Energie und Subkultur unserer Stadt.

She Knows Band on Fritz.unsigned - Sonic Chamaleon - Live 2017


Musik von hier und aus der Gegend, die nicht im Geschäft zu finden und trotzdem mehr als hörenswert ist. 

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