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El resultado es una canción de synth-pop tecnoide, extremadamente bailable que te invita a arriesgarte en el amor; una invitación a dejarse llevar y rendirse, tanto a la música como a tu propio anhelo.
Inspirado Em Uma Noite Pós-Pandêmica, “Sektor Evolution” É O Novo Single Do She Knows - Sóbrio, hipnótico e sensual, “Sektor Evolution” é fruto de uma lembrança de uma noite que Teresa Tomás e Marcel Dadalto viveram no lendário club underground de Dresden (Alemanha), o Sektor, assim que as baladas voltaram depois do período de isolamento provocado pela pandemia.
Un trabajo que transita entre la luz y la oscuridad, sirve para conectarnos entre nosotros, pero sobre todo con el yo más profundo; ese mismo que luce oscuro, incluso tenebroso, pero que nos hace tan humanos y que, en demasiadas ocasiones, olvidamos en la cuneta de lo cotidiano. Pero como era de esperar, en esta entrega She Knows se la juega al todo o nada, asumiendo todo el control, ilusiones y riesgos, como es habitual en cada una de sus aventuras musicales.
She Knows - Sektor Evolution [BAR25-210B]
The single "Sektor Evolution" is a musical reminiscence of a club night in the legendary Dresden electro underground club “Sektor Evolution” at the end of May 2022. The pandemic's lockdown restrictions were lifted, and partying was finally possible again. The underground sound of this party by the collective Syn.thie.Verrückt inspired She Knows, consisting of Spanish singer Teresa Tomás and her musical partner Marcel Dadalto, so much that they immediately went into the studio for a jam session the following week to lay the foundations for this song. The result is an extremely danceable, technoid synth-pop song that beckons you to take a chance on love; an invitation to let go and surrender - to the music as well as to your own longing. "If you're feeling what I feel, how not to love", sings Teresa in her unmistakably smoky voice, which immediately touches the heart when listening to it. "If all you've got are fears then let me."


Release Date: 2024-04-12
Label: Bar 25 
Music Catalog Number: BAR25-210A

Territory: ww
Artwork: Fabiana Gallegos, Spencer Robens

Mastering: Rob Small

Press Picture: Mirabólica.filmes, Katrin Lange

Press Tex: Marlen Halser (Original Version in German)  
As part of the Tryptic Nervous Bliss series, "Sektor Evolution" follows in the footsteps of its predecessor “Hechizo” and takes us deeper into the enigmatic territories of the mind. At its core is a striking motif: a speaking mouth, symbolizing the profound power of expression in navigating the complexities of existence, where rational comprehension falls short. All set against a backdrop of green, adding an extra layer of energy to the experience. While the song plunges deep into the  heart of the club scene, the video showcases a collection of flyers, illustrations, logos, photographs, symbols and typographies (1990-2003) from different artists
Duration: 1m
Video: Fabiana Gallegos
Audio Edit: She Knows

Supported by Initiative Musik GmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

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