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Artist: She Knows

Remixer: The Organism
Title: Extraordinary
Label: Bar 25 Music 
Release: 31.03.2023
Cat. No: BAR25-186
Label Code: LC-19112
Release Type: EP
Medium: digital
Territory: ww
Picture: Carlos Vin Lopes
Artwork: Spencer Robens
Mastering: Rob Small

She Knows - Extraordinary EP

Bar 25 Music is thrilled to announce the return of She Knows with their latest release, "Extraordinary." This EP is a masterful combination of melancholic, playful, and magnetic tracks that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

The EP includes two new tracks, "Extraordinary" and "Twisted and Strange," as well as the previously released single, "Something to Save," which debuted in April 2022 on Bar 25: Zeitgeist. These tracks were produced in She Knows' latest studio in Wilhelmsruh, Berlin, before Marcel's departure to Vitoria at the end of 2021. The tracks were mixed by the incredibly talented Zeno Mainardi, whose contribution was invaluable to the final sound.

This EP showcases She Knows' versatility, with a range of comic and dramatic elements infused throughout the tracks. The result is a collection of songs that are both touching and emotional, with rich textures and powerful melodies.
For Teresa and Marcel, this EP represents the culmination of their musical partnership, as it is the last project they worked on together in their shared studio in Berlin. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for She Knows, as they continue to push the boundaries of music and create timeless momentum that is not to be missed.

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She Knows_Press Picture 2023_By Daniella Shadrin-tutto.jpg

Picture by Daniella Schadrin

Something to Save (The Organism Remix)

We are thrilled to announce the release of our EP, featuring a collaboration with the multi-talented Ukrainian artist, The Organism.


Our hit track "Something to Save" has been transformed with a fresh new remix. The Organism is renowned for their multi-genred and unpredictable sound.


But our EP is more than just great music - we also want to use this opportunity to raise awareness for a world free of wars. Join us in spreading the message of peace and harmony through the music.  Don't miss out on this incredible interpretation that combines great beats with powerful message!

#NewCollab #TheOrganism #SomethingToSaveRemix #TheOrg #Ukrainianartist #SongsForSocialChange

The Organism.jpeg

The Organism Music

Twisted and Strange (Music Video)

Extraordinary EP includes a home-made music video for the track "Twisted and Strange" by She Knows!

This audio visual experience, directed by Teresa, features previously unseen footage filmed in August 2015 by Laura Cuello and Bego M Santiago in Treptower Park, Berlin and Brandenburg surroundings. In this dance video, Teresa twirls and sways in a vibrant red dress surrounded by the lush greenery of a German forest. The captivating natural setting, with its interplay of light and shadow, creates a magical atmosphere that invites viewers on a journey of self-discovery, self-expression through movement, dance and music. This dance portrait highlights the importance of finding harmony in our lives and embracing the natural beauty around us. 

#TwistedAndStrange #MusicVideo #DancePortrait #TreptowerPark #movement #SelfExtression #SheKnows

SK-FOTOGRAMA-Twisted and Strange.png

Video by Teresa Tomás

“Something to Save” - She Knows & Conzum
*live at Zeiss-Planetarium Jena


Immerse yourself in the captivating live performance of "Something to Save" by     

She Knows & Conzum with electronic rhythms and dazzling visuals captured from their concert at the Zeiss-Planetarium Jena in 2021. The performance was part of the Illusive Sphere event series, an innovative platform for electronic sound and fulldome art with 360° visual experience.

This video production was made possible thanks to the support of the scholarship program of the GVL in NEUSTART KULTUR, demonstrating the importance of investing in the arts.

#Dj-VjSession #Conzum #Jena #ZeissPlanetariumJena #fulldomeart #deepspace #360°visuals #SheKnows


Video by Olhos

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